What is Cefixime

Cefixime for sale

Cefixime for sale

Cefixime for sale – perooralny product 3 generation, calculated to the use of older , a child , ensures organism enhanced service due to the result of the high active elements , aimed contrary microorganisms and bacteria – streptococci, staphylococci, enterococci strains and thus subsequently . The product carries antibacterial antibacterial appearance , corresponds to due to self-inhibition of synthesis of peptidoglycan, which is a property of the main skeletal components of cell enterobacterial wall . Contains the highest impact despite the life and effects of gram-positive and gram – negative bacteria .


  • The drug is used in subsequent versions :
  • Inflammatory movements and diseases of a contagious nature.
  • Sensitivity to microorganisms, for the purpose of using preventive purpose
  • action of bacteria – inflammation , inflammation , heavy illness , prolonged disease – otitis media
  • infections in the area of the kidneys and urinary tract

Gonorrhea in uncomplicated

  • disease of the neck of the uterus
  • The presence of different families of infectious actions in the area of the intestinal tract .


  1. Active Element: Cefixime for sale. Auxiliary components :
  2. lauryl salt , sodium croscarmellose, Magnesium Sterate, polymer , lean oil.

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Therapeutic function Cefixime for sale

addicting substances does not comprises connection with Provision methods , factor bioavailability is 50%.The largest substance in the plasma – in elders is achieved in 3 minutes and in the same way 2.5 g / ml. The size of the distribution according to the body is 6.7 liters, if it becomes the same focus – in this case, the coefficient of 16.8 liters. Plasma protein traced emphasis mode 65% Cefixime for sale. More great characteristics of concentration of the element can be traced to the bile and urinary secretions. Hit occurs through the placenta.

In renal insufficiency, the gap , due to the fact that the product is introduced in part , is able to achieve the greatest period , since the procedure for restraining its elimination by the kidneys is traced . If the patient is experiencing suffering from cirrhosis, in which case the gap -life is most 6 times .

Dispersible pills Cefixime for sale

cefixime for sale guide according primeneniyuV dose intensive element number CHETIRESTA , two hundred and SRT mg: have an elongated configuration , dim – bright orange tone , possess odor strawberries. In two sides there is a nick . Cost in pharmacies with five rubles. .

Drug extensive exposure Cefixime for sale is specialized for the purpose method inward , portion is CHETIRESTA mg, in some cases, is assigned two hundred in a single capsule at day should implement a time , in a period of one-time fashion meal . In case if the elder and the child have a multitude of body is the most FIFTY kg. , In such a case the daily dose- CHETHAREST mg, which are used in 1 or 2 once . The children with a weight up to fifty kilograms , shall be appointed in accordance with two hundred mg and not CHETIRESTA , because the only decision .

Cefixime for sale

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Powder for the manufacture of suspensions Cefixime for sale

instructionsIt has a white tone and yellow taste , the price in pharmacies – from 900 rubles. .

If implied acceptance substance in a dose of less , than CHETIRESTA mg, recommended drink in embodiment suspensions. In order to manufacture this composition in the DEST unit bubble overturns and ginger , to pigment freely was isolated from the walls of the vial , and further it was diluted with room temperature water . Pigment is specialized for the purpose of the use of a child , the year up to 12 years . The dose in this case is calculated 8 mg / kg once a day .

Granules for the manufacture of Supraks suspension

cefixime for sale category antibiotikov50 mg / 5 ml and 100 mg / 5ml, after reaction with water occurs slurry of white color with clearly manifested golden taste , cost with THOUSANDS rub. .

Appointed by a doctor .

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Duration direction in a stretch whose proceeds therapy , is due to the basis of the information in accordance with events disease , and in addition to the basis of the advice of a professional . If the infection is caused by streptococcal organisms, in this case, the direction of therapy begins with TEN days and more . In order to cure diseases in simple configurations , for example , urethral / cervical infections, it is applied once .

Instructions for use Cefixime for sale

Can be drunk ina variant of the tablets or in the property of the suspension produced with the powder. The dose is chosen based on the nature and difficulties of the disease . Use these or other shapes of the substance is necessary only with the permission of the doctor Cefixime for sale.

Pregnancy and deep feeding

at nutrition breast exercise , this product is not recommended .The presence of pregnancy is possible only in this case, if its usefulness for the purpose of the mother significantly exceeds the damage for the purpose of the fruit .


main contraindications:

  1. Increased susceptibility to a single integral formulation
  2. Availability lingering diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver,
  3. blood diseases
  4. pregnancy, lactation

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