What is Cefixime

Cefixime over the counter

Cefixime over the counter

The presence of diseases of the doctor – organizations and the bronchi are applied 4 key categories of drugs . This penicillins, cephalosporins, macrolides and fluoroquinolones. They are comfortable with this , that they are published in pills and capsules, in this case it is available for the purpose of the way inside , and it is possible to carry them out in domestic circumstances . Any with companies contain their own characteristic features , but with a view of absolutely all drugs are the principles of the method , which certainly need to adhere to .

Cefixime over the counters are required to install only a doctor according to specific evidence . Selection of cefixime over the counter depends with character and severity of the disease , and in addition to this , that substance the patient acquired before .

It is not necessary to use medicines to cure viral diseases .

The effectiveness of the cefixime over the counter is evaluated in the course of the 1st 3 days of its method . If phytoncide works well, it is impossible to stop the direction of treatment up to the time recommended by the doctor . If phytoncide is ineffective ( signs of illness remain past , adheres to significant heat ), notify about this doctor . Only the doctor to decide the problem of changing the antimicrobial substance .

Side effects ( for example , simple vomiting , unpleasant taste in the mouth, nausea ) do not constantly call for the immediate cancellation of the cefixime over the counter. Often enough only dose adjustments of a substance or subsidiary introduction of money , which reduce secondary impacts . Activities to overcome the secondary results are formed by a doctor .

Cefixime over the counter

The consequence of the method of drugs can be the formation of diarrhea. If at you there was a rich watery chair , as well as possible faster head to the doctor . Do not try to cure diarrhea formed in the background of the cefixime over the counter method , without the help of others .

Do not reduce the dose of medication given by the doctor . Medications in small portions have all the chances to be dangerous, since after their use the possibility of the emergence of stable microorganisms is high .

Strictly adhere to the period of the method of cefixime over the counter – the concentration of the substance in the period must be maintained.

Some medicines should be carried out up to a meal , others – after . In another , they are digested worse , for this reason, can not Forget to define more precisely at the doctor data traits .

Cefixime over the counter

Features: Medicines extensive exposure range . In the main , intramuscular and intravenous presence of pneumonia and numerous other serious infections in surgery, urology, and gynecology are used. With substances for the purpose of the way inward, only cefixime over the counter is currently widely used . Important information for the purpose of patient : cause allergies less often , than penicillins. However, in persons with allergies to

The penicillin category of drugs is able to form the so- called combined allergic response to cephalosporins.

You can use fat girls and boys ( for the purpose of any substance there are own limitations according to the year ). Certain cephalosporins are permissible from birth .

The most frequent secondary results.: allergic interactions , vomiting , diarrhea .

The main contraindications: personal intolerance Cefixime over the counter

Trade name of the drug Cost range ( Russian Federation , rub.) Peculiarities of the substance , which is important for the patient to understand.

Acting element : Cefixime over the counter

  • Pancef
  • ( Cocaine )
  • Suprax ( various manufacturers)
  • Ceforal
  • Solutab
  • (Astellas)

A widely used product , especially in a child . The main evidence for destination is inflammation and inflammation , severe moderate inflammation , antritis , a complication of prolonged bronchitis, uncomplicated infections of the urinary lines . Suspension is valid from 6 months, capsules – from 12 years . Nursing girls in time method of substance recommended in the period to stop deep feeding .


  • Basic information :
  • Angina
  • aggravation of protracted tonsillitis
  • Acute moderate otitis
  • Sinusitis
  • aggravation of protracted bronchitis,
  • community-acquired pneumonia,
  • scarlet fever

Infections of the skin

Strong inflammation , inflammation and other infections

  • Features considered slightly toxic cefixime over the counters extensive exposure range .
  • The most frequent secondary results : allergic interactions .

The main contraindications: personal intolerance .

Important information for the purpose of the patient :

Drugs in this category more than other drugs stimulate allergies. Probable allergic response instantly to a number of substances from this category . Presence occurrencerashes, urticaria, or other allergic interactions interrupt the taking of the cefixime over the counter and go to the doctor as quickly as possible . Penicillins – one with several companies of medicines , which may use a potbellied girls and boys with the most early years . Drugs, the structure of which enters the cefixime over the counter ,

reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills.

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