What is Cefixime

What is Cefixime

The gonorrhea treatment contains two antibiotics: Azithromycin (Azithromycin) and Cefixime intended for the treatment of gonorrhea (drip).

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The gonorrhea treatment contains two different drugs: Azithromycin (Azithromycin) and Cefixime. These are taken once for the treatment of gonorrhea. The symptoms of the infection will usually start to disappear after a few days. Although both medicines belong to the antibiotics, they operate in a slightly different way. They attack the infection in two different ways in order to be able to work more effectively. What is Cefixime?

Antibiotics are suitable for the treatment of gonorrhea as the disease is caused by a bacterial infection. In the past, penicillin was always prescribed, but nowadays different forms of gonorrhea are resistant to this. In order to ensure that the infection can be treated effectively, a combination of two antibiotics is currently prescribed.

Azithromycin and Cefixime work in different ways to eliminate the infection. Bacterial cells must be able to produce certain substances in order to remain intact and healthy and to create certain proteins in order to multiply. The antibiotics that we sell ensure that the infection cells can no longer produce these substances and proteins.

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Active ingredients Cefixime

Cefixime, from Sanofi Aventis, found Cefixime. Azithromycin contains the active ingredient called azithromycin. Both are a form of antibiotics.

Cefixime attacks the structure of the bacterial cells. This is because it ensures that the cells are no longer able to produce the chemicals needed to keep their cell structure and cell walls intact. This is how the cells break down slowly.

Azithromycin, on the other hand, ensures that the bacteria can not multiply further, since it ensures that the cells can no longer produce the enzymes and proteins required for the multiplication. Once this process has taken place, the immune system can destroy and clean up the infection.

Instructions Cefixime

When you use the two types of antibiotics that are included in our gonorrhea treatment, it is very important that you carefully follow the instructions of your doctor. Always read the leaflets and the information on the box. This way you can ensure that this product will be as effective as possible.

Take these medicines as told by the doctor

This can be as follows: a single dose of 400 mg of Cefixime (two tablets of 200 mg) and 1000 mg of Azithromycin (Azithromycin) (two tablets of 500 mg or four tablets of 250 mg).

Do not drink alcohol before taking these medicines.

Wait at least 48 hours after intake before consuming alcohol again.

Never exceed the prescribed dosage.

We recommend that you take an STI test again after taking these products to ensure that the infection is over. Wait at least one week after ingestion before doing this.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about how best to take this medication. Always read the package leaflet.

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